Frequently Asked Questions

Before you log in

  • I have registered a PERFORMS account but cannot get in and report. What shall I do?

Answer:  If you haven’t had an email confirming your registration, your account has not been approved yet.  Depending upon the type of registration we may have to check certificates and gain approval from your Contact/Supervisor before we approve your registration.  You will be sent an email once this has been approved.

  • I have reached the PERFORMS web portal and have entered my email address but cannot get into my PERFORMS account.  What shall I do?

Answer:  First check that you have definitely used the email address that you use for your PERFORMS account.  This should normally be your work email you supplied to your Unit Contact. 

Answer:  If you have then you may have forgotten your password.  You can click on the link for ‘request new password’ and you will receive an email in your Inbox to reset your password.


  • I am using the correct email address and password.  Why can I not get in to my account?

Answer:  There may be a network issue at your hospital.  Please check with your IT Administrator.  If this is not the case, please contact the PERFORMS Team at

  • What is my PERFORMS account?

Answer:  This is the secure account where your personal details are held and also your documents and reports.


  • I am going to the correct location, but I still cannot get in.

    Answer: If you are reporting on the workstation, please make sure that you are entering your email address and password used to register on the website into the username box at the PERFORMS log-on screen (Not your PACS Windows username and password).

    Answer: The other thing to check is that you are not accessing "Citrix" and if so, please try from your Internet Explorer browser on the workstation directly.



You have logged into the web portal – before you report


If you are using a shared computer/workstation and are accessing your PERFORMS account or reporting, you MUST log out when you have completed your session as another participant could view your account/answers if they then log in shortly afterwards.  Your account will however be logged out after 5 minutes.


  • I cannot access the PERFORMS web reporting site.  What shall I do?

Answer:  Have you received an email telling you that the images are loaded and that you have been set for the scheme?  If not we have not had confirmation from the PACS Contact that your images are ready. 

Answer:  Have you clicked on the 'Access Reporting Software' link on the top right of the screen?


Answer:  If there isn't a link it is because you are reporting using the PERFORMS laptop.



  • I am going to the correct location, but I still cannot get in. 

    Answer:  You may either get this message and further instructions:

o   Access to PERFORMS® has been denied

o   We are sorry, your account has encountered a configuration error. Please contact the PERFORMS team to rectify this.

            If this problem persists you can get further help by contacting the PERFORMS team using the following methods:

            Phone: +44 (0)11582 31891/ Email:

  • Why can’t I view the images?

    Answer:  In order to identify or locate the images once loaded to your system, they have been named according to the following convention:

    Answer:  All sixty-four cases in this image set have been allocated the prefix of PERFORMS121
    (indicating that this is the PERFORMS image set SA12part1).

    Answer:  Four of these cases are for participants to practice with; following the prefix these are named 001 through to 004

    Answer:  The remaining sixty cases comprise the true test set ; following the prefix these are named 101 through to 160

    Answer:  If you still cannot find the cases, please check with your PACS Contact that they have been loaded.